Tips for Business Etiquette in the Workplace

Global Resources is a full-service business development group and general management consulting firm focused on small and medium-size privately-held companies in North America. Ultimately, we help business owners access the information that is often needed for growth.

Business etiquette is very important amongst professionals.  Here are some tips that may help you achieve higher success in the workplace:

  • Turn off your gadgets in meetings. Having the discipline to step away from distractions is refreshing. Of course, this really only works if everyone adheres to it. It’s difficult to make that happen, but when everyone is unplugged and focused, meetings are much more productive.
  • Arrive on time for meetings — face to face or virtual. If you’re the meeting host, on time means at least five minutes early. If you’re the guest, on time means on time. It’s crazy how often people on both sides of the invitation are late and say nothing about it. If you get held up and know you’re going to be delayed, a quick email can keep the person on the other end from feeling stood up.
  • Express gratitude. Thank you notes go a long way. If possible, a handwritten note is best and can be hand delivered or sent via the post office. If you take the time to follow up, it will usually get noticed. It will also get noticed if it’s poorly executed. So, take the time to purchase a stationary set that is fitting for your line of work. Also decide on the message you will be conveying. If you prefer a paperless option, make sure your message is concise, thoughtful and free of misspelled words.

To learn more about us and / or to schedule your complimentary appointment with the business consultants at Global Resources LLC, call us at 855-338-0266.

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