Tips for Improving Your Marketing Plan for 2017

At Global Resources LLC, we often advise clients to update their existing marketing plans once a new year rolls around. Things change, especially the internet. The marketing tactics that were so successful in 2016 could be already obsolete. Here are several new tips to upgrade your company’s marketing plan for a brand new year:

  1. Double the Social Media Advertising Budget—If 2016 taught us anything, it is that people rely heavily on social media to get their information, often over traditional media outlets. Businesses that want optimum exposure should have a bigger presence on social media. So, at least double your budget for social media this year to capitalize on the exposure.
  2. Make Videos—Video is the newest hot type of content. If you want your content to get attention in a sea of content, make a video about it. Videos should be ideally kept short so they can be quickly streamed on smartphones as well.
  3. Think beyond Smartphones for Mobile Marketing— Yes, mobile marketing is important, but this aspect of the business does not relate to smartphones alone. Mobile marketing is a broad term that applies to a variety of non-computer devices people use to communicate with, including smartwatches. So, do not limit your 2017 mobile marketing strategy to smartphones alone.
  4. Email Customers—Still the best way to get in touch with customers and get their attention is email. If you don’t already have one, you need to develop a top-notch email marketing strategy for 2017. Rather than emailing customers a lot, figure out ways to send one or two emails that do get clicked on.
  5. Produce Niche Content—Right now, there are over 2 million blog posts published each day on the web. It’s really, really difficult to stand out among this crowd when you only create generic content. Therefore, if you want the content you produce to truly have an impact, target a niche audience. Master any niche subject to truly reach out to your target audience.
  6. Stay Away from Politics—2016 did not end in a politically harmonious manner for anyone. While it’s important for companies to take certain ethical or moral standards, it’s wise to stay away from mainstream politics altogether. The main reason is that companies cannot predict how political sounding statements might be perceived. So, it’s best to simply not go there at all.

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Tips for Business Etiquette in the Workplace

Global Resources is a full-service business development group and general management consulting firm focused on small and medium-size privately-held companies in North America. Ultimately, we help business owners access the information that is often needed for growth.

Business etiquette is very important amongst professionals.  Here are some tips that may help you achieve higher success in the workplace:

  • Turn off your gadgets in meetings. Having the discipline to step away from distractions is refreshing. Of course, this really only works if everyone adheres to it. It’s difficult to make that happen, but when everyone is unplugged and focused, meetings are much more productive.
  • Arrive on time for meetings — face to face or virtual. If you’re the meeting host, on time means at least five minutes early. If you’re the guest, on time means on time. It’s crazy how often people on both sides of the invitation are late and say nothing about it. If you get held up and know you’re going to be delayed, a quick email can keep the person on the other end from feeling stood up.
  • Express gratitude. Thank you notes go a long way. If possible, a handwritten note is best and can be hand delivered or sent via the post office. If you take the time to follow up, it will usually get noticed. It will also get noticed if it’s poorly executed. So, take the time to purchase a stationary set that is fitting for your line of work. Also decide on the message you will be conveying. If you prefer a paperless option, make sure your message is concise, thoughtful and free of misspelled words.

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Popular Millennial Perks in the Workplace

Global Resources is a full-service business development group and general management consulting firm focused on small and medium-size privately-held companies in North America. We help business owners access the information that is often necessary for growth.

Millennials in the workplace has been a trending topic for the last several years.  As we enter 2017, we are looking at employee perks that millnnials are most interested in:

  1. Comprehensive Benefits Package – Safeguards of health and financial well-being provided through employer-sponsored health and retirement plans might sound like more traditional company benefits, but they matter no less to millennials. Healthcare and financial perks — like dental, vision and 401(k) plans — are key to keeping even this youngest segment of workers in place. And the sooner the benefits kick in, the better.
  2. Flexibility – In a survey of 9,700 full-time employees across eight of the largest global economies, flexibility was listed as a top job benefit. An additional millennial-specific survey  supported that conclusion, with 32 percent of respondents saying they expect their working hours to be mainly flexible and 40 percent expecting their hours to be mainly regular with some flexibility.
  3. Family-Friendly Policies- With millennials almost twice as likely to have a spouse or partner working full time than boomers — according to the EY survey —  implementing family-friendly policies has become increasingly important. The survey found millennials around the world are more likely than other generations to cite paid parental leave as an important benefit, as well as onsite or subsidized child care.
  4. Concierge Benefits – From dry cleaning to catering, concierge benefits and lifestyle perks allow millennials to spend less time taking care of errands on their personal time.

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Tips to Secure a Raise in the New Year

The consultants at Global Resources help business professionals access the information necessary to reach success.  As we approach the New Year, we know that many men and women are hoping to secure a raise in 2017.  If earning a higher salary is on your agenda, here are suggestions that may help you obtain your goal:

1. Understand the value of your position – Every job has a market value. To determine yours, check out salary comparison websites, view similar job listings and network with colleagues at other companies.

2. Research your company’s general pay practices – Talk with your HR manager to learn more about compensation policies, increase practices and salary ranges.

3. Set realistic expectations – A company will not pay a physician’s salary to a receptionist. When you reach the maximum salary for your job, raises may only occur as the market value increases.

4. Be prepared – Organize facts about your responsibilities and accomplishments, as well as appropriate pay comparisons, when you approach your boss to discuss a potential pay increase.

5. Focus on selling yourself – Employees receive raises because they add value to their place of employment, so explain why you deserve it.

6. Don’t wait for your annual review – While the performance review might seem like a logical time to ask for a raise, that’s not always the case. In many companies, salary decisions are made before appraisals are discussed with employees, so get your request in early.

7. Don’t back down – Although asking for a raise typically makes people anxious, few managers will be surprised or offended by the request. Gather your facts, rehearse your presentation and take the step forward.

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5 Reasons Why Business Owners Need a Plan

The business consultants at Global Resources are renowned for assisting business leaders with planning accurately to allow for growth. Whether you’re just starting out in a new business endeavor, growing your business or seeking outside help, good business planning will help you achieve that goal.

Here are five reasons why it’s critical for businesses to plan:

1. Manage cash flow. Profits are your goal, while cash flow is your means to reach it. You don’t want to  spend your profits on uncontrolled expenses. Plan cash flow with linked projections of sales, payables, receivables and  seasonal variations in business activity.

2. Create strategy. Strategy is focus on specific differentiation points, target market and business offerings. Most business owners want to do everything for everybody; but success requires focusing on doing the right things for the right market segments.

3. Match tactics to strategy. Tactics are decisions you make on product or service, marketing, pricing, promotion, financing and so forth. Too often we forget the strategy while executing tactics. Does pricing match differentiation and target marketing? Does promotion?

4. Set specific milestones, metrics, tasks, responsibilities, dates and deadlines. Management is about setting expectations, tracking results, and comparing the two. So expectations need to be specific, trackable, written down and communicated. So do results. Accountability requires specific metrics and task responsibilities. All of this happens with planning. Use planning to get everybody in your team on the same page. Communicate expectations and results as part of the planning process.  Too often managers fail by forgetting that effective management requires both setting forth directives and then having a system to determine whether those objectives have been achieved.  Results must be measured against planned performance.

5. Deal with displacement.  It’s important to realize that you can’t do everything. You have your strategic focus laid out, so then you decide what you can and can’t do, realistically, in the context of strategy. The principle of displacement says that everything you do rules out something else that you can’t do because you are doing that first thing.  Don’t let low priority tasks get in the way of your most important priorities.  Discipline is necessary to achieve the results you want.

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Continuing Education Programs in Small Businesses

At Global Resources, our experts have seen more business professionals interested in a continuing education program.  However, many business owners aren’t sure how to begin the process of incorporating this into the workplace.

Local universities and community colleges typically offer a variety of personal and professional education opportunities in a variety of formats for adult learners, while also providing career and educational advising for adults considering a career change or going back to school. There is often an overarching academic focus on “practical” or professional and career-focused study, responsiveness to changing educational needs arising within regional economies, and a commitment to broad access. Higher education and employers can benefit from working with each other to maximize human capital, but it is a collaboration that requires flexibility and goodwill on everyone’s part.

There are plenty of options when it comes to local universities and how you as a business can partner with them. While full-time programs will take less time, recent years have seen a rise in night courses and online-only learning. This provides employers with a chance to promote their employees receiving higher education and new learning while also maintaining a fairly normal work schedule. The key though, is showing support and understanding for your employees as they seek this additional training.

If you don’t necessarily see the need for your employees to receive a traditional MBA or secondary degree, you can opt for programs that include issuance of a certificate or continuing education units (CEU) to document attendance at a particular course. Typically, CEUs will be awarded at one unit for every 10 hours of coursework, providing employers with documentation of completion for employees who are enrolled in non-credit training courses.

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New Developments in Small Business Practices

Global Resources LLC has the expertise to help business owners advance their small and medium-size businesses.  We are looking ahead to developments that are sure to impact 2017 in small business: 

  • Businesses will focus on connecting customers rather than on selling to them – Consumers are tired of being sold. This is an instant turn-off for many buyers and once they sense any type of selling, they move on to the next company. However, apps and services that connect people to what they want are becoming even more popular. Companies like Postmates and Uber don’t sell any products, but they allow you to get whatever you want delivered to wherever you are.
  • Strength-based training versus remedial leadership – Up until recently, people hired for the same position were all taught the same skill. Now, companies are hiring specialists to come in and focus on doing one particular task, until they perfect it. In 2017, businesses will invest more in training that focuses on a leader’s natural talent than on remedial leadership training.
  • Products becoming green – Millennials are quite conscious of what types of products they buy. They even go out there and actively look for socially conscious companies to purchase from, because they care about the earth and want to make sure it’s still here for when they are old, and when their children grow old. “Going green” is a term that’s been around for a while. However, it has only recently been taken more seriously as companies have developed more products to help push this mission forward. Already, over $500 million has been saved in energy efficiency and we should expect to see this grow in 2017 as these green products increase.

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Cyber Monday Tips for Small Business Owners

Global Resources LLC offers expertise for small and medium-size businesses.  As we approach the holiday season, many small business owners are interested on capitalizing on the special holiday shopping days, including Cyber Monday.

If you are a small business owner, here are some general tips that can help you have a successful Cyber Monday:

  1. OFFER FREE SHIPPING – An estimated 91% of online shoppers will respond to a promotion that offers free standard shipping.  Even if the only Cyber Monday deal you offer is free shipping, it could help increase your sales.
  2. OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE FOR MOBILE USER – Mobile devices are quickly surpassing PCs and laptops in online shopping use. In fact, more than 70% of mobile consumers shop online.  A quick way to make sure your site is mobile friendly is to view it on your devices. Make sure people can quickly see your deals on devices and easily buy from you there. The difference that could make for your Cyber Monday sales (and sales in general) is huge.
  3. PROVIDE AN ON-TIME DELIVERY GUARANTEE- Nearly 90% of consumers will shop with an online retailer that can guarantee an on-time delivery date.  Therefore, you must understand how long it will take to deliver your product before offering any shipping guarantees.
  4. RUN TIME SENSITIVE DEALS – Throughout Cyber Monday, try running various time sensitive deals. Certainly offer deals that last all of Cyber Monday but also try some time sensitive deals throughout the day. Cyber Monday online traffic typically spikes before normal work hours and after normal work hours. Of course, traffic is up all day long on Cyber Monday and you should consider time zones from coast to coast.

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New Year’s Resolution: Finding a New Job

At Global Resources, we know that many businessmen and women list “find a new job” on their New Year’s resolutions.  If this task will be on your to-do list for the upcoming year, we have some general tips that may help you land the perfect job:

1. Don’t be over confident and make the mistake of under-preparing or under-estimating the amount of time and energy a true job search takes.

2. Do your research when you are applying for jobs and demonstrate a real interest and knowledge of the employer. Elevate this to an even higher level of preparation for an interview. Recruiters are completely turned off when you don’t even know what the company does.

3. Make sure that you have “good job search habits.” Set goals for the day of applying for positions that you are truly interested in and qualified for, and keep records including dates to follow up.

4. If you haven’t already, establish an email account that is professional and can handle large files. If you have been using your childhood nickname @ AOL, it’s time to set up a Gmail email account with your real name.

5. Make sure you name your resume with your actual name, not “my resume.” You would be shocked at how many job seekers don’t do this and then wonder why they never hear back on a job they seem qualified for. It’s often because recruiters can’t find them.

6. Utilize social media in strategic ways. Find companies and organizations that you are interested in and follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn and comment appropriately. Look out for tweets or job announcements and follow up.

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End of Year Tips for Small Business Owners

Global Resources is a full-service business development group and general management consulting firm focused on small and medium-size privately-held companies in North America.  We offer a variety of services that help business owners find their unique path to success. 

Since we are in the midst of the final months of 2016, we have tips that may help business owners prepare for the upcoming year:

1. Review Your Business Plan – Ensure it’s still aligned with your current company goals. Of course, plan to change what needs changing.

2. Consider Any Business Resolutions That Might Make Sense – It can be extremely beneficial to lay out what you want for your business in the coming 12 months. Be specific, so you can actually measure results and see whether you accomplished them by year’s end.

3. Create a Promotions Calendar – Sit down with a calendar and start looking at all the holidays or events you want to build promotions around next year. This will give you ample time to plan your social media updates, blog posts, advertising campaigns, etc.

4. Make a Technology Wish List -If you’ve been putting off a computer or software purchase, now’s the time to research what purchases would be beneficial to the growth of your business in the coming year.

5. Create a Conference Plan – Attending conferences and industry trade shows can be so advantageous for you as a business owner. Not only can you meet others in your field (or potential customers) but you also learn from leading experts. Do some digging to see what’s available to attend in 2017, and put them on your calendar.

6. Get Organized – If you’re like a lot of business owners, your desk is cluttered, and so is your desktop. Spend a few hours throwing away and shredding things you don’t need and organizing your computer files by year. It will make things easier to find and you’ll feel more together come January.

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